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Temitope (Teh-ME-toh-PEH) is a worship artist who writes music empowering the Church to love beyond comfort. If you ask him about the genre of his music, he’ll refer to it as “horizontal worship” because it mobilizes the Church to share the love of God, freely given to them, with others, especially those different than them. In doing so, the Church becomes an active agent of reconciliation in the world. Temitope has carefully curated a distinct sound to spread and reflect this message. 

The name, “Temitope,” originates from the Yorùbá tribe in Nigeria and means “mine is praise.” He was raised in a multicultural home by his Nigerian and British immigrant parents in San Diego, CA. Through various experiences with family and friends, God began revealing to Temitope the importance of reconciliation as it leads to a beautiful display of His multicultural heart. Temitope believes that God has uniquely shaped each person to reflect His heart in a way that only they can. By standing together with our differences, not standing against each other because of our differences, we experience more of God. This truth has greatly influenced Temitope’s marriage, family, social circles and ministry for the better. He has learned to appreciate how God has uniquely shaped himself and others around him.

When he’s not sharing his ministry on the road, Temitope, his wife, Jordan, and their kids enjoy life together in Boise, ID where they build relationships with those around them through their church. They are a family filled with purpose, and believe that God will continue to use them to help others experience His transforming love.

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